My First Trip To The Mountains


We finally made it up to the mountains!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the mountains weren’t a huge part of why we decided to move to Denver. Thoughts of snowshoeing during the winter and backpacking and camping during the summer get me all kinds of excited. (I must add that I’ve never even tried snowshoeing before, but I know that I’m going to love it)

A few days ago myself and Jason were looking for jobs and getting stressed about life. The weather was absolutely amazing out, so I decided to drop everything and get Jason to go on a little day trip with me.

We decided to go to Georgetown as it’s not very far away from Denver but it’s still far enough to be in the mountains.

The drive was a nice 40 minutes with not a lot of traffic (the joys of being jobless and going on a random Tuesday). It was right off of the highway but felt like it could have been a million miles away. The historic part of town had the most beautiful victorian style houses and gorgeous Western style shop fronts.

All of the stores seemed to be locally owned and sold local products (which is awesome). We stopped to get some delicious ice-cream that was made in the town next to Georgetown.

After walking around for a while, we decided to drive up a pass next to the town. It was a beautiful drive and it brought us up high enough to where there was some snow on the ground…it got me pretty excited about wintertime.

We were driving for about 30 minutes when we looked at our GPS and realized that there was still a long way to go so we decided to turn back.

Once back in Georgetown we drove to the train station. The train in Georgetown is very famous and the ride is supposed to be absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately it was closed when we went there, but it’ll give us a reason to go back in the summer.

Overall, I loved this little town and it has made me so excited and eager to visit many other small mountain towns in Colorado!

20 thoughts on “My First Trip To The Mountains

  1. Awesome! I grew up in Denver, and we got to visit Georgetown in 5th grade to learn about mountain history! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it. There isn’t a mountain town I have been to yet that I didn’t love!

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    1. Ah c’mon now, there will never be anywhere better than the forest…although we could make some amazing bases in Georgetown 😉
      Thanks, we are hoping so too, but we are getting to know more people so hopefully that’ll help!
      I hope everything is good with you! I’m very impressed by all of the gymnastics that I’m seeing!


  2. I remember how excited I was when I first visited the mountains in Colorado! They are gorgeous, that’s for sure. Reading your posts about arriving there is making me feel a little nostalgic, even though I eventually wanted to leave the state and move back east.
    I hope you get good jobs soon 🙂

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  3. Nice photos. Hopefully, you’ll find employment soon. Go ahead and let me know if you’re ever headed down to the Springs. We can point you to some local places and hikes as well and maybe even go with you.

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  4. How wonderful! I grew up in the mountains of Colorado (Granby/Grand Lake) and it’s absolutely beautiful! I miss it! We are actually planning a trip to Ireland in less than a month and I came across you blog, it’s lovely! I’d like to take some things with me to Ireland to give away to the people that we meet, something very American, do you have any ideas of what the lovely Irish locals might enjoy? Thank you for your post, it brought back lots of memories!

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