Just Over a Week Left

I can’t believe that we have less than 2 weeks left in Korea.

I haven’t been posting much recently as I’ve been extremely busy with everything. I’ve been cleaning and clearing out the apartment, getting Willy and myself ready for moving to America as well as teaching.

We have talked long and hard about the future recently. I guess now that the time has finally come, we are starting to freak out about our job prospects. We have decided to apply for jobs that we would like in many different states and let that process decide where we’ll live. At the end of the day, there are amazing things about many different states and cities in America so it’s quite exciting to have no idea where we’ll end up. I have also started the process of job hunting. It’s a tough process and I’m sure that me still being in Korea doesn’t help things much but I’m hoping that I’ll be successful with the job hunt soon! Jason is being so supportive through it all and is willing to live anywhere if it means me getting a job that I want. He has been looking in to going back to school next year so we are both busy researching!

This weekend, we have our friends wedding reception in Busan which should be fun, we’ll also be busy moving furniture out of our apartment and start packing our suitcases! I’m also hoping to get one final hike in Gimhae in before we leave.

We’ll then have our last week of school before saying goodbye to the place where we met and got engaged. Gimhae has been the only home that we have ever known as a couple, but we are looking forward to the next stage of our life together.

It’s all so exciting!

We have some very exciting things planned in our first few weeks in Washington too, I have bought Jason some VIP tickets to a Mariners baseball game (for his 30th birthday), our friend, Ian, bought us some tickets for a really cool food tour of Seattle, we’ll be catching up with all of Jasons family and we have also organized to go to work on an organic winery with a farm attached to it for a couple of weeks (Willy gets to come too!).


I can’t wait to write all about it, but for now, I have to get back to packing πŸ™‚


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