Happy Anniversary To Us!

Our wedding :)Last week, myself and Jason celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I can’t believe that we have been married for a year! It has been an amazing year with some difficulties thrown in, but our relationship has definitely become stronger than ever! I feel so lucky waking up next to him every day.wpid-fotor_143951658952742.jpg

Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t great as we were so busy with packing up to leave, selling our stuff, saving money for our future and taking care of a friends dog! So we decided not to do anything too over the top or crazy. We have a weekend in Seattle planned in a few weeks (I can’t believe that we’ll be in America in a few weeks!!) so we have decided that that will be a mini anniversary celebration.

Regardless of all of this, we decided to go for a nice lunch in Busan. There is an area of Busan (Marine city) that we don’t frequent very often and the few times that I’ve been there I’ve seen a lamb restaurant that I really wanted to try so we decided that our anniversary would be the perfect time to go.wpid-fotor_143951648150318.jpg

Marine city is an interesting area, everything is brand spanking new there and it is also where the rich in Busan live. You constantly see expensive cars driving around and the streets are spotless!

The restaurant, Agnello, is right by the water and even though there is a road and a small wall blocking the water from you,there is still an amazing sense of calm and relaxation there.wpid-fotor_143951655217289.jpg

We got to Agnello to find that there was a nice breeze coming from the sea allowing us to sit outside (a rare treat, in a very hot and humid Korean summer)wpid-fotor_143951683704529.jpg

We ordered a rack of lamb and a pizza between us. Jason ordered a craft beer that was on tap and I ordered a cocktail.wpid-fotor_143951664126899.jpg

The food was absolutely amazing! The lamb was so succulent and came with some lovely side salads that complimented it really well! One salad was a salmon salad and the other was a delicious summer salad of tomatoes and cucumber in a light yoghurt dressing.wpid-fotor_143951668044782.jpg

wpid-fotor_143951679251150.jpgThe pizza was also delicious, definitely worth the money!wpid-fotor_143951675465247.jpg

I’d definitely recommend stopping by here if you are looking for a bit of the home in Busan or just want to treat yourself.wpid-fotor_143951671647338.jpg

How to get here:

It is only about 500m from Haeundae beach and it’s a pleasant walk from there.

By subway:Β take the green line to Dongbaek station and take exit 3. It is about a 10 minute walk from there. The restaurant is located on the waterfront.


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