Visiting a Tea Shop in Seoul


If you only go to Seoul once then this has to be on your list of things to do!

This is one of my favorite things to do when I visit.

Insadong is a very famous street in Seoul, it is very touristy and has souvenir shops and art galleries everywhere! But it also has many tea shops hidden up stairs or down alleyways. LastΒ weekend, myself and Jason had to go to Seoul for my American visa interview. We both knew that it would be our last time in Seoul so we decided to revisit Insadong while there. I have always loved this area, the buzz of the streets and the diversity of the people that shop there.wpid-fotor_143926508161320.jpg

Luckily, the hotel that we were staying in was right next to Insadong which was perfect for us. After wandering the streets for a while we decided it was time for tea.

When choosing between places to have tea in Insadong, I always try to choose an older tea shop rather than the newer ones that have been popping up recently. We chose one up a stairs.wpid-fotor_143921165510145.jpg

Once we got to the top of the stairs I knew that we had chosen well. The doors leading to the shop were absolutely beautiful.wpid-fotor_143921072246881.jpg

Once we were inside, it was like an oasis of calm. You could tell that it was a very old shop. It had lots of different areas allowing us to relax in a small corner by ourselves.wpid-fotor_143921090721268.jpg

wpid-fotor_143921152604128.jpgWe were brought a menu with so many different tea options! Seriously, they had so many types! Myself and Jason both decided to stick with green tea (of which they had plenty of different options)wpid-fotor_143921080285311.jpg

Jason chose a fermented tea (which we had tasted and loved during our temple stay) and I chose a regular green tea.

When the tea came out, it came out with a traditional tea set each. The lady set it down and walked away. We had both watched tea being made using these tea sets before but there was an extra bowl this time around which confused us. I ended up having to google it and found out that the extra bowl was a waste bowl (you pour hot water in to the pot and other bowls first to warm them up and then pour that water in to the big bowl.wpid-fotor_143921110328219.jpg

Both of our teas were delicious! I think we must have sat there for about an hour just chatting and watching the world go by.wpid-fotor_143921116141839.jpg

It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Seoul.


wpid-fotor_143921126531684.jpgWhere we went: We chose Jidaebang tea house which is on the main Insadong road. You can find the trip advisor reviews here.


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