I Got My Green Card!

Myself and Jason had a very stressful week last week, we were both busy working on our summer camps when we were looking through all of our documents for my green card application. We soon realized that we were missing one of the documents needed. It was still in America! We called Jason’s family to try to get them to Fed ex it to us only to realize that they already sent it that day through regular post. We realized that there was no way that the document would get here in time and panic mode set in.

We knew that we had other documents that might have been okay to send in instead of the documents but weren’t too sure. We called the embassy to try to find some answers and unfortunately we soon found out that we knew more about the visa process than they did. After talking to them, we still didn’t know if the documents that we had would be okay.

We made our way up to Seoul anyway because we had read that if you are missing documents then you will just have to send them to the embassy with your passport when you get them on a later date.

Our embassy appointment was at 8 a.m but we decided to get there early as we knew there would be a long queue. We arrived at about 7:15 and were about sixth in line. At about 7:30 they opened the doors and allowed us in. We were both so nervous and thought that the likelihood of us getting my visa approved that day was about 50/50.

Queueing at the embassy

After checking in and taking a number, the waiting game began. At about 8:15 our number was called and we presented all of our documents. To our relief, the documents that we had sufficed and they had no issue except he told us that we were missing a completely unrelated document to the one that we had spent the last week stressing about. It was Jason’s proof of domicile. We thought that having a letter addressed to his American address would suffice but they told us that he needed to bring his contract. We were pretty bummed out at hearing that but the man said that he would talk to our interviewer and to take a seat.

After about 20 minutes we got called again to take my fingerprints and to pay the visa fee. We then waited another 30 minutes until it was time for our interview. We both had to rase our right hands and swear to tell the truth. The man was so nice and asked us questions about our relationship and what I was planning on doing in America. After that he told us my visa was approved and that we could go!wpid-img_20150803_093203.jpg

We couldn’t believe it! My passport arrived 2 days later with the visa in it and with all of the other documents that I need when entering America.wpid-img_20150805_123002.jpg

Now that the big thing is out of the way we just have to deal with about 100 smaller things.

Oh the joys of moving countries!

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