English Market Day

wpid-fotor_143876330762642.jpgIt was that time of year again, the tests were all finished, the books for this semester were completed and there was still a week left in school.

Usually at this time of year it allows us to do things that we didn’t have time to do during the year. One of those things is a market day.wpid-fotor_143876289705623.jpg

Market days are a great idea because you can reward students with “dollars” for good behaviour long before the market day.wpid-fotor_143876340484033.jpg

On the market day itself, we decided to get all of the students to bring in toys and stationary and anything else that they wanted to sell. The kids that brought in more items ended up with more dollars to buy other things.wpid-fotor_143876311730398.jpg

It was a great success, that morning there was a buzz around the school as the students checked what the others had brought for market day.It was so wonderful for us teachers to see that nearly every single kid had brought something in for market day.wpid-fotor_14387628523503.jpg

Before they sold their stuff, we taught them about “reduce, reuse, recycle” (since they would be recycling their old toys that day) and we taught them basic phrases to use when buying and selling.

Then, they were finally allowed to sell their stuff. There was so much buzz in the classroom with the kids running around trying to buy the best toys.wpid-fotor_143876335214687.jpg

There were a few toys that were in high demand so we decided to have an auction for those ones (making the owners of those toys very rich!)wpid-fotor_143876305719257.jpg

Once all of the buying and selling was complete, the students counted how many dollars they had left and we kept a note of it for the next market dayโ€ฆunfortunately I won’t be a part of that one ๐Ÿ˜ฆwpid-fotor_143876293745091.jpg


8 thoughts on “English Market Day

    1. Wow, that’s exciting! You will love it, we’ve just left but we stayed there for 5 years as it was a great experience. Are you teaching in a hagwon or public school? What city are you moving to? Good luck!


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