I haven’t been blogging much recently, the time for packing/selling and getting rid of all of our belongings has come so we have been really busy with the apartment recently. I also haven’t been taking many adventures recently either, it has become very hot and humid here in Korea so I fear that the days of being able to camp enjoyably are over for now. I only realized this yesterday when at midnight, I was woken up sweating to find that our fan wasn’t working. We quickly realized that all of our power was out. Looking out the window I see people everywhere below us with torches, there were also fire brigades and ambulances. Apparently someone crashed in to our complexes power supply and it shut off the power in the entire complex! That’s thousands of people without electricity right there!

A terrible photo I know. But this was the scene outside our apartment the other night.

We had an awful sleep because our apartment felt like a sauna. Things got worse the next day when with the power still off, the water was shut off too! It meant we couldn’t even have a cold shower to cool off. The government had sent out text messages that day too warning people about the heat! We could’t believe that we didn’t have any a/c or fans on the hottest day of the year. Both myself and Jason spent the day realizing how lucky we are that we do have a plentiful supply to water and electricity usually…something many people in the world don’t have. Our power came back on last night and we are all very happy!

Another terrible photo, but myself and Willy found that the bathroom was the coolest room in the apartment so we just sat there in the dark for a while.


We have also just started pet-sitting our friends dog Mio. She is such a beautiful well-behaved dog who actually manages to keep Willy calm too so we love having her around!

Other than that, the school semester is officially finished. I have a 3 day camp in both of my schools, one finishes tomorrow and the other one is on in a couple of weeks, luckily both camps have the same theme. I usually do elaborate camp themes (past ones include Harry Potter and Pirates) but this year my co-teacher and I decided to do a storybook theme camp combined with lots of reviewing of what they learned in the first semester. So far it’s been going well and the students seem to like the activities and games that I’ve prepared… to review the lesson “Please, Help Yourself” we will be making waffles tomorrow which we are all excited about!


The kids had to finish the story in one of our storybooks.


Once camps are finished, I’ll only have 4 more days left in school, it’s crazy how fast it’s all going by! My final visa interview is on Monday, I have been a bag of nerves lately with the fear that I will forget to bring a document or that I’ve completed a document wrong. So fingers crossed that it will all work out!

The realization that I’m moving to America is also hitting me, I am feeling so scared and nervous! But i guess that’s completely normal!

I can’t wait to share my camp details with all of you and hopefully start going on a few more adventures now that we are on our school holidays!

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