Beomeosa Temple Stay (part 3)

IMG_9291After a long sleepless night, it was time to get up at 5a.m I went out to use the bathroom and witnessed the beautiful sunrise over the mountains. It made me realise that I need to get up at sunrise more often.IMG_9274

After getting ourselves ready for the day, it was time for a morning service. We bowed and then enjoyed 15 minutes of meditation. The monk made sure to tell us all to keep our eyes open so that we didn’t fall asleep. I had a hard time emptying my mind but it was so peaceful listening to the birds.IMG_9281

After our meditation it was time for breakfast. Breakfast was rice, doenjang jjigae (red bean paste soup) tofu and side dishes. I love doenjang jjigae so I was very happy to see it. Breakfast didn’t follow the monks ritual unlike the previous days dinner so it was much more relaxed.

After breakfast we had 30 minutes of free time so myself, Ane and Jason went up to the river for a short walk.IMG_9282

Afterwards it was time to visit a hermitage.These are basically temples that are pretty isolated. So we hiked for about 20 minutes to reach the hermitage. The view from up there was so beautiful and we were able to have another meditation session in the temple while looking out to the mountains and listening to the birds sing. It was so peaceful up there.IMG_9289

IMG_9303IMG_9294We then had an hour and 20 minutes free time. Myself and Jason found another river and sat down talking about our future plans and what our worries and stresses are about moving to America. It was nice to have a chat in a calming area together.

It was then time for another of my favorite times during the temple stay. We got to sit down and have tea with the monk. He showed us the traditional way to make green tea and filled us all up with so much tea!IMG_9312

IMG_9315IMG_9319We also had a chance to as him any questions that we had both about him and his life or about being a monk in general. He was so open and forthcoming, it was so interesting to hear about his life and the struggles that he had with making his decision to become a monk.IMG_9321

It was another memory that I will keep with me for a long time to come.

While telling us about himself he said something that really stuck in my mind.

When we do jobs that we aren’t suited to, instead of accepting that it isn’t the best job for you, so many of us will try to work at it and end up miserable.

I don’t know why but that really made sense to me.

The final event of our temple stay was our closing ceremony where we bowed and said the 5 precepts one more time and just like that, our time had come to an end.IMG_9325

IMG_9330It was by far the best experience that I’ve ever had in Korea and I highly recommend doing one if you are in Korea.

How to book a temple stay at Beomeosa:

I booked through their website which has English. It was very simple and I just had to transfer the money to them once I had booked. You can find the website here.

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