Gamcheon Cultural Village

wpid-fotor_143479494890183.jpgThis beautiful place is only about an hour away from me but it took me five years to actually see it! Regardless of how long it took, I’m so happy that I got to witness it’s beauty and uniqueness and check another thing off of my Korean Bucketlist.IMG_9171

So, let me tell you a bit about this beautiful neighbourhood. During the Korean war many people fled from cities up north down to the south. Busan saw a massive influx of refugees during this time so they had to build enough houses for them all.IMG_9138

Gamcheon is an area that is heavily populated and highly concentrated along a mountain. The houses were built with a view that no house blocks the view of the house behind it.

It was always known as a poor area of the city.

In 2009 a massive transformation was planned for the area. It became an art village. Now, when you walk in to the area you are greeted with beautifully colourful houses, art work all around the streets and small cafes and art houses.IMG_9169

I’m not sure if it’s because of MERS but when we visited last Saturday, it was so quiet! It was such a change from the usual crowds at tourist attractions. A piece of advice for all of you in Korea…now is the time to get out in to the cities! People are so fearful of MERS that many of them aren’t going anywhere with crowds. Even Nampo-dong, which is always crowded, seemed pretty quiet.IMG_9167

Anyway, our day started off with us getting the subway to Nampo-dong where we grabbed some lunch and then hailed a taxi to Gamcheon.wpid-fotor_143479486414656.jpg

We then spent about an hour or so just wandering around the quiet streets and taking in the beauty of the place. It is such a nice change to see so many houses instead of the usual apartment blocks.IMG_9121

IMG_9148There was art work on every corner…my favorite were the flower pots which were rocking some amazing jeans!wpid-fotor_143479534058774.jpg

wpid-fotor_143479538690994.jpgWe walked down a small side alleyway to be greeted by a group of ajummas. If you read my blog often, then you probably know that I have had some terrible interactions with older Korean women but these women were so friendly and welcoming. It was a breath of fresh air.IMG_9173wpid-fotor_143479478051993.jpg

I highly highly recommend visiting this village while you are in Korea. It was beautiful to see the sense of community that just doesn’t exist in the apartment blocks here and the village itself really is a beautiful sight to behold.wpid-fotor_14347952206280.jpg

How to get there:

We took subway line 1 to Nampo-dong and got a taxi from there for about 4,200w. But you should take the subway to the stop after Nampo-dong which is Toseong and take a cab from there (about 3,200w).

You can also take the bus, but because there were three of us it worked out cheaper just to take a taxi, so I don’t really know what bus to take.wpid-fotor_14347950142741.jpgIMG_9112

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