Applying For My Green Card in Seoul (part 2)

163888_1610106424034_8033896_nThe Health Check

So about a month ago, I received my packet 3 information. This is basically an e-mail that supplies you with your case number and then a check list of all of the documents that you will need for your final visa interview. I have since been gathering those documents. Getting my police check from Korea was actually easier than I though it would be, especially since the police station near me has a foreign affairs section with English speaking staff and the police check now comes in English so there is no need to get it translated.

The next document that I needed was my health check. There are only 3 hospitals in South Korea where you can get your health check done. Two of those are in Seoul but luckily one is in Busan. The hospital in Busan is the Haeundae Paik Hospital. I called the number that was given to me in my packet and I was connect to a woman that spoke English who gave me her phone number for making my appointment. I had to take a day of unpaid leave from work as you can only get your health check during working hours from Monday to Friday. But luckily my school have been very understanding about the process.

I was a bit nervous about going to the hospital because of MERS but this hospital wasn’t one that was affected and they took great precautions before you could enter the hospital (I had to get my temperature checked, use some sanitizer and fill out a form)

Once inside and in the visa area, I had to complete another form about MERS and get my temperature checked again. It definitely made me feel more at ease and I took off the surgical mask that I was wearing.wpid-img_20150611_194332.jpg

The medical check is very straight forward, English was spoken by most people which made life much easier.

I had to fill out about 5 forms and then I was given some clothes to change in to.

I then went from room to room getting different tests.

Room 1: blood pressure, eye tests and weight and height measurements.

Room 2: they took some blood from my arm.

Room 3: A chest x-ray.

Room 4: a medical check with a doctor.

Because I didn’t have my vaccination records with me I also had to get 3 vaccinations.


It all took just under an hour.

Overall for both the health check and the vaccinations it cost me 295,000w. (190,000w for just the health check).

Now that that is completed, we only have to complete two more forms (an on-line application form and a form about Jason’s finances) and then we’ll be all set for our final visa interview on August 3rd.

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