Food Post- Jeju Pork



Jeju pork is quite famous here in Korea. Jeju is an island off the southern coast of Korea and is also known as the Korean Hawaii.

The pork is very popular because it comes from black pigs. When I visited Jeju island a few years back, I had my first taste of Jeju pork and I really liked it!

A couple of weeks ago, myself and Jason were in the mood to try a new restaurant on restaurant street.

Restaurant street is a street right across from our apartment complex and is a long walking street full of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. It is at it’s absolute best during the Spring and Autumn. when the weather is perfect and all of the restaurants have tables and chairs out on the path.

In fact we went to walking street last week for some food and every single restaurant was full…inside and out. There is such an amazing buzz here!

During the week it’s not as crazy, so we found the Jeju pork restaurant and it had seats outside so we decided to give it a try.

First off, the sides:

They were perfect! We, of course, got leaves for wrapping our pork up in, a green onion salad, kimchi, some radishes, tofu, garlic and some onions and soy sauce mixed for dipping our pork in to.

The pork itself was absolutely amazing! It also came with some prawns to grill which was a really nice addition to our dinner.

We were quite full afterwards and couldn’t even order our staple of doenjang jiggae (soybean paste soup)

The only negative thing was the price…it was really expensive (for Korean BBQ) I think it ended up being about 20,000w each which is way more than we usually pay for dinner. But it was definitely worth the splurge!


4 thoughts on “Food Post- Jeju Pork

    1. Thank you, they were just taken on my phone. Exactly, I already know that I’m going to miss Korean food so much when we move to America! I just hope there are some good Korean restaurants in Colorado!


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