What’s Your Love Language?

downloadNow, for something completely unrelated to this blog but something that I find very interesting…Love Languages. I had heard about love languages a long time ago but I had never really read in to them in great detail.IMG_0607

The basic idea is very simple. It is that there are five different love languages that a person can have and we all don’t share the same love language.

Myself and my husband have been bickering about silly things lately, so I decided to find out what both of our love languages are to get a deeper understanding of each other.

You can take the love language test here.

There are five love languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Recieving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

The results were so obvious when we read them.

My top love language was words of affirmation. This basically means that in order for me to feel loved I need to hear it…a lot. Looking back on it, I truly am at my happiest in our relationship when Jason says sweet loving things to me.wpid-fotor_142928381249814.jpg

But, my second love language was very close behind to my first and that was physical touch. This can mean anything from holding hands, cuddling, hugging and of course sex.

Again, this rang very true for me as I love just holding Jasons hand and I can feel hurt when he doesn’t reciprocate.

As for Jasons love language. He just had one strong love language and that was acts of service. Acts of Service, means that the way they see love is when someone helps them with something or does things around the house without being asked. It makes complete sense, as when I do something around the house for him, his mood brightenes up instantly.

So, how can knowing this help us?

Well, it is said that we often show our love through our own love language. Now that we know each others love language we can start to show our love through the other persons love language. We can also understand more when the other person displays love through their own love language.

So often, I tell Jason how much I love him because that’s how I feel loved. Jason on the other hand would do things around the house to help me and to show his love. Now, hopefully we can alter the way we show our love to conform with each others languages.

Well this is the theory of it anyway, to me it makes perfect sense. I just hope it works 🙂

Interestingly enough, recieving gifts was the lowest language for both of us. It’s something that we’ve always loved and admired about each other.IMG_5171

How about you? Have you taken the test? Do you agree with your love language?

5 thoughts on “What’s Your Love Language?

  1. Is it a really bad omen that I clicked on the love language link, entered the page to take the test for myself, clicked on the button to say that I’m in a relationship, and then I get this: Error establishing a database connection? Maybe I’m supposed to run away from my partner now!

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  2. Very interesting! I’ll have to try out the quiz later, but without trying it I would guess my top ‘languages’ are words of affirmation and physical touch, especially things like kisses and shoulder rubs. I’m sure knowing these results will make for a stronger relationship for you and Jason!

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    1. It already has had a great affect on our relationship! I’m so glad that we took the test…You’ll have to let me know what yours are when you take it 🙂


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