The Hadong Green Tea Festival 2015

IMG_9039So, a few months ago I posted about the first time that I visited this festival way back in 2011. I had really wanted to go back to the festival last year but, it, like most other festivals last year, was cancelled due to the Sewol ferry sinking.

This year, we decided to go camping in our favorite camping spot and check out the festival.IMG_8951

I have to say, that it is still one of the best festivals that I’ve been to in Korea. The setting is absolutely beautiful, it is situated along a river with fields of green tea in the mountains surrounding it.IMG_9035

Initially we stopped off in a nearby town that had a big market. We thought that that was the festival and myself and Jason were so confused as to how much it had changed in four years. We soon realised that this wasn’t the festival. But we did get some delicious green tea ice creams while we were there!IMG_8997

IMG_8996In the centre of the festival is a stage.IMG_9005

When we arrived there were lots of tables set up with beautiful bowls of different types of tea and magnificent place settings.IMG_9069

IMG_9072Women entered the area wearing beautiful hanbok (Korean traditional dress) and took their places at their tables. Then a group of judges went around to each table to judge the different teas.IMG_9041

IMG_9064Afterwards, it was open to the public to try as much tea and snacks from all of the contestants.IMG_9058

While the judging was being held we decided to see what else the festival had going on. Usually, with Korean festivals, the stalls all look the exact same and sell all of the same things, regardless of what type of festival it is. This festival however was much more tea orientated which was a nice change.IMG_9014

Our first stop was at an area where we could roll our own tea leaves. It was fun to see the process and afterwards they gave us some bags of dried tea leaves for free.IMG_9017

IMG_9018IMG_9023We then continued on wandering around. There were so many local products to try, green tea mists and lotions, green tea snacks, smoothies, ice-cream and of course many different sellers of different types of tea. All of them offering free tastings.IMG_9025

IMG_9052IMG_9056We found a Turkish food stall (there is always at least one at these festivals) and had some delicious skewers (I got lamb). We then went to the food tents and had some gimbab and cold drinks to cool off from the beautiful hot sunny day.IMG_9049

IMG_9050We really enjoyed our time at the festival. All of our bellies were full of green tea and we found it unbelievable that we didn’t have to pay a cent anywhere (except for our food). The people were so friendly also.IMG_9076

I would highly recommend for anyone needing some time away from the big cities to visit this festival…you won’t be disappointed!IMG_9061IMG_9059

5 thoughts on “The Hadong Green Tea Festival 2015

    1. I’m glad that this post has inspired you to hopefully go to Korea someday! It’s a beautiful country and the Green Tea Festival is so fun and in such a beautiful setting.


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