Barbecue On a Creek

IMG_8876Last Saturday one of our friends came to visit us here in Gimhae. We’ve known him since our first year and he has recently returned to teach in Korea again but in a different province so we were excited to hear that he was going to make the trip here.IMG_8890

We all decided that the perfect way to spend the day was to head to the Jangyu waterfall which is only a 30 minute drive away from our apartment but feels like a world away.IMG_8877

It’s a beautiful area that is great for relaxing and cooling down during the summer. The water is icy cold. At this time of the year there weren’t many people there so we found an area to ourselves.

We also invited our friend Lisa and her two dogs came along also.IMG_8881

Once we arrived at our spot Willy took off and went straight in to the water. Our poor dog can’t swim to save his life (I don’t think it’s physically possible after his operations last year) but he loves to go in to the shallow areas and have a run around.IMG_8873

IMG_8883We started the barbecue and spent our afternoon chatting, cooking and getting bitten by bugs (it was my job to bring the insect repellent…oops)IMG_8896

IMG_8880It was a wonderful day until some man came along and started shouting at us and taking our photo. Luckily we were leaving anyway so it didn’t put too much of a dampener on our day.

I really do love these late Spring days when you can wear shorts but the humidity hasn’t set it yet…I think I’d love to live in an area where it’s Spring time all year round!IMG_8887

4 thoughts on “Barbecue On a Creek

    1. Yes, it is a beautiful area! Korea is absolutely beautiful during Spring and Autumn!
      Luckily for you there are some places high up in Bali that you can go to to escape the heat! Do you ever miss a winters day? I would like to live without winter for a couple of years, but I think I might miss it after a while.


      1. yeah, I know what you mean. I think for me it’ll never feel right celebrating Christmas in Asia. Even though it’s cold here, there is no Christmas spirit. I’ve warned my husband that this next Christmas, since it’ll be our first in America, I’m going to go on overload and do all of the things that I’ve missed out on over the last 5 years! I’m already excited haha


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