NC Dinos Baseball Game


This past Saturday, myself and Jason decided to go and see a baseball game. Baseball is absolutely huge here in Korea and the games are so much fun!

We usually go to see the Lotte Giants play in Busan but the Changwon team, the NC Dinos, is actually closer to us so we decided to check out their stadium.

Being from Ireland, I don’t really know much about American sports but having a husband who loves all of the American sports I’m slowly learning.

We arrived at the stadium about an hour and a half early to buy some tickets. We then went for some coffee while waiting.

Something that is really cool about stadiums in Korea is that you are allowed to bring your own food, drink and alcohol! There are sellers outside the stadium selling the typical baseball food here…fried chicken, gimbab and squid.

Jason bought a couple of rolls of gimbab and we went in to the stadium. Even if you don’t buy your food outside, the prices inside aren’t extortionate.

I bought a hot dog and chips and we settled down in to our seats. Each seat has a table, which is pretty cool! I had lots of questions for Jason and he was very good explaining all of the rules of baseball to me.

The game itself was pretty disappointing for the Dinos. But the lively songs and chants definitely made up for it! Every hitter has their own theme song that the fans sing. I took a video of it which you can watch here.

Jason tells me that American baseball isn’t like this which makes me a little sad. I love the songs and dances involved in Korean baseball!

All in all it was a great day, perfect weather and good seats and to top it all off the parking in the stadium was free!

There are baseball teams in nearly all of the big cities so if you are here in Korea, grab yourself some beers and a box of fried chicken and get yourself to a game, you won’t be disappointed!

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