Food Post- Kalguksu 칼국수


These noodles are amazing!

The other day we went for dinner with our two friends Jason and Seon-yeong and we wanted to try something different so we went for Kalguksu.

Jason’s mandu kalguksu

It was perfection! We all got different types of kalguksu. Jason and Seon-yeong got the traditional kalguksu, my Jason got kalguksu with mandu (dumplings) in it and I got kalguksu with beef in it.

Mine was so delicious. It was the perfect amount of spice and flavour!

So, what is kalguksu?

Well kalguksu literally means knife noodles. These noodles are cut instead of being spun.

They definitely taste different from other noodles. They are bigger and chewier, but are so yummy!

They are cheap too!

We also got some giant mandu to share.



All in all it was a great meal!


5 thoughts on “Food Post- Kalguksu 칼국수

      1. Yeah there is one only 5 minutes from my apartment here in Gimhae too thank god! It’s so delicious and cheap that I can see myself eating it a lot more before we leave Korea!


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