Climbing Carrantuohill (The highest peak in Ireland)


29106_1376436622435_4198677_nJust before I came to Korea, I managed to hike the highest mountain in Ireland.

Now, don’t get too excited! Ireland isn’t a very mountainous country (instead we have beautiful rolling hills) so the highest peak actually only measures at 3,406 ft or 1,038 m.29106_1376428662236_3587094_n

We set off bright and early from Cork to Kerry (where Carrantuohill is situated). We choose to ascend using the Devils Ladder route. It is the easiest route to take but there are quite a few loose rocks to take in to account on the way up. Unfortunately the day that we climbed was quite misty (but I guess it can be hard to find a good clear day in Ireland). The beginning of the hike is through farmland at Cronins yard.29106_1376428222225_544287_n

You then pass by the two lakes and start to ascend up a rocky face of the mountain.29106_1376429182249_932651_n

Once you get to the top of the rocky face, you must continue wal upward to your right until you finally reach the peak.29106_1376436822440_1246969_n29106_1376436262426_8312944_n


Unfortunately, as you can see, we could barely see the front of our hands when we reached the top. But we were all happy to see the cross at the top.29106_1376430542283_5903702_n29106_1376431262301_5708030_n


We then descended on the same route.29106_1376429422255_6825725_n

All in all the hike should take about 6 or 7 hours total. It is quite a popular hike so you’ll definitely see others along the way.


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