Spring Camping In Ulsan


Fotor_142942324599455The weekend before last, myself and Jason decided that it was time to check out how our new tent was and went camping. While we were packing up that morning Willy knew something was up and got so excited.

There are two options when camping in Korea. The first is to go to a designated camping area. This is a nightmare for most foreigners. They are overpacked and full of people. I don’t understand it as camping is usually an activity that you do to get away from people. The second is to try to just find a spot and camp there. We chose the latter.Fotor_14294228796347

Our initial plan was to go to a beautiful riverside area that we had seen before and try to set up camp on a small sand spit there. On our way we passed the beautiful Cheontaesa temple.wpid-img_20150413_212409.jpg

Once we arrived at the area we saw that there were groups of school kids all around and it was quite busy. We went to the area that we were hoping to camp at but saw that there were people near there too so we sat down and ate lunch trying to decide what our plan of action would be.Fotor_142942345880745

We came across a group of hikers that were having a sing along so we joined in for a while.Fotor_142942352358257

Willy had a quick swim in the river and then we decided to change our plans.Fotor_142942339520038

We decided to change our location and head for the coast to South Ulsan.Fotor_142942331808135

It was a beautiful drive along a small road instead of the big motorways and once we reached the coast we saw some cool little towns all around.Fotor_142942363182772

After checking out a few different beaches, we decided to camp on Imnang beach. Unfortunately it was incredibly windy so we had a difficult time starting a fire to cook with but once the sun went down, the wind eased up a bit and we were soon eating some hot dogs and keeping warm.



Fotor_142942297312934After a few drinks and some good chats, myself, Jason and Willy jumped in to our sleeping bags (Willy sleeps in the foot of mine).Fotor_142942387028225


We had a surprisingly comfortable sleep and kept warm for most of the night. We didn’t even wake up until 8 a.m. A first for us!Fotor_142942395046659


Fotor_142942278151483But alas, the morning also brought the wind back and it proved even more difficult to light a fire. After nearly an hour we finally had hot coals and put some bacon on the fire for breakfast. The bacon turned out really good but silly us, we very nearly started a grease fire and nearly burned the tent down! Luckily Jasons quick thinking and kicking the fire in to the sand saved us all except for the tent which managed to get a few small holes in it.


Fotor_142942266421737Overall we had a fun time but will definitely be waiting a few more weeks for the wind to die down to go camping again.


4 thoughts on “Spring Camping In Ulsan

    1. Thank you! Yeah I know, I absolutely love Spring time in Korea, although this has been a pretty wet one 😦 I hope the weather picks up. We are currently planning a camping trip for the May long weekend so looking forward to that too!

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        1. Last year we camped at a beautiful area near Hadong down south here. It is away from the roads and on a sand spit along a river, so we are hoping to go there again. Although once the weather gets warmer I’d love to camp on an island off the south coast somewhere.
          Do you have any plans to camp soon?


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