Glacier Trekking in New Zealand


While in New Zealand with my friend Louise we travelled around both the North and South island. I don’t think that I can ever explain just how beautiful that country is! It’s so rugged and picturesque.1917360_1201076118532_6288118_n

During our travels, our friend from college, Kate, came to join us as did Louise’s now husband, Gary. One of the most memorable things that we did while in New Zealand was trek along the Franz Josef glacier on the South Island.1918522_1282044582693_3694342_n

We began with a long walk towards the glacier, allowing us to see it’s enormity in full. While walking we passed some waterfalls and streams and it was such a beautiful setting.1917360_1201075078506_2543794_n1917360_1201075318512_4841935_n


We then got to climb up on to the glacier using our crampons. One of the guides had a pickaxe which he used to make steps for us.1917360_1201075238510_3985083_n1917360_1201075598519_4808275_n


The glacier was beautiful and we even found an ice tunnel that we could crawl through.1917360_1201076678546_3121719_n1917360_1201076478541_7194070_n


It was definitely a day to remember!1917360_1201076238535_7251441_n1917360_1201076198534_3216758_n1917360_1201075958528_5225639_n



Getting there:

We purchased bus passes from the Naked Bus company. Apart from having an awesome name, they are quite cheap and allow you to make trips all around New Zealand without being part of a tour group. You can visit their website here.1917360_1201077118557_5380229_n

For the glacier trekking, you can find the company that we used here.



1917360_1201076198534_3216758_n1917360_1201074958503_4013999_n 1917360_1201076918552_1948120_n


7 thoughts on “Glacier Trekking in New Zealand

    1. It really isn’t scary. The company fits you out with all of the gear that you need and there are many tourists on the glacier so there are ice steps carved out for you and ropes in the steeper areas.

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