Road trippin’ around Bali

IMG_8300During our time in Bali we decided to hire a driver and see some of the island. Our friends had done this before and highly recommended it and also gave us the name of their driver so we organized to meet him at our hotel.

He offered many different types of tours but the one that stuck out for us was getting to go up north and see Bedugul which has a beautiful temple on a lake.

His name is Gejor and we quickly found out that he is a really great, friendly person! He picked us up from our hotel at 9:30 and we started driving to our first stop of the day, Tanah Lot. On our way, while chatting, we mentioned that we were interested in buying some art but were worried that it would be very expensive. He then offered to bring us to a gallery outside of Ubud to take a look.IMG_8259

When we arrived, we started walking around with one of the men working there and realised that the place was huge! They had thousands of paintings! When we finally finished walking around we realised that we had forgotten where our favourites were so had to return and try to decide together. In the end we bought two beautiful paintings for about $60 combined. We were both very happy with them and know that they will hang proudly in whatever future house we end up living in.

After that surprise stop we continued on to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is probably the most famous of Bali’s temples. It is a beautiful temple that was built on some rocks just off of the beach. When it’s low tide people can walk out to it. It is very beautiful but it was extremely crowded. I can’t imagine what it’s like during the busy season!

IMG_8263After getting a few photos at Tanah Lot, it was back in to the car for the hour journey up north to the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. This was probably my favourite stop of the day. It was absolutely stunning there and there were rice paddies in every direction as far as the eye could see!


I could have spent forever there just taking in the beauty of it all! We did stop here for lunch and got to get a table with a view.


IMG_8317After lunch we were on our way to Bedugul to see the famous Ulun Danu temple. The Ulun Danu temple is such a beautiful temple. But what makes it even more beautiful is its surroundings. It has a huge mountain as a backdrop and it sits on a serene lake.


IMG_8351We had a wonderful time on this tour and then on our way back to Ubud after a great day, I asked if he would mind stopping at a place for us to try Luwak coffee. We thought that it might have been just a coffee shop but it was actually a place where the Luwak coffee is made.

I didn’t really know too much about Luwak coffee before going to Bali. It is the most expensive coffee in the world. It is made by collecting the poop of the Luwak animal and getting the coffee from it. The Luwak apparently only eats the best coffee beans so by taking it from their poop, it guarantees that it is the best coffee beans and it’s perfectly fermented too. During the tour they allowed us to taste many different types of coffee, including the luwak coffee. It did taste good.


We got to see some luwaks which broke my heart. They are animals that have been taken from the wild and forced in to small cages. They looked very unhappy. It was a very sad sight to see and made me feel sad that by paying for the tour we were contributing to it.


After the coffee it was time to go back to Ubud. We were both exhausted but extremely happy after our tour.

Our Driver: There are many drivers all over Bali that offer day trips. We found out about Gejor from our friend Ian who had used his services while in Bali and really enjoyed it. We were so happy with our tour and Gejor was so easy going. It felt like we had known him for longer. As I mentioned earlier, he also made changes to our day with no bother whatsoever.

Highly recommended!

You can find his website here. We contacted him through his facebook page and he was always super fast at responding!

We did the Bedugul tour that is advertised on his website.

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