Monkey Forest, Ubud

IMG_8574During our time in Ubud we decided to go visit the monkey forest.


It surprised me a lot. I was expecting a big touristy attraction but instead what I got was a beautiful jungle with a ton of monkeys! Seriously, they are everywhere!



We went during the morning and luckily it wasn’t too busy.


We saw families of monkeys from the second that we entered the forest.



What I really liked about it is that the monkeys are completely free. There are no barricades keeping them in the forest. They don’t have to stay where the people are and they genuinely rule the place!


IMG_8528_3I honestly could have spent the entire day there just walking around and watching the monkeys interact with each other and the people.


IMG_8546If you do go, be careful to only bring what you need, don’t bring any food, water bottles, cans etc. The monkeys will most definitely find them and steal them. Nobody wants to see those beautiful animals eating plastic or metal. While we were there we saw monkeys with water bottles, coke can, and even one stole a woman’s mozzie repellant and was trying his hardest to get it open to drink what was inside it! Luckily one of the people that works in the forest came along and the monkey scurried away.


Afterwards we went to a nearby restaurant and had a delicious lunch with a beautiful view.

IMG_8648 This truly was the perfect way to spend a morning!


Where we stayed in Ubud: The Kamandalu. It’s a beautiful 5 star hotel just outside of Ubud and is by far the nicest place we’ve ever stayed at! You can see their trip advisor reviews here. Highly recommended for a honeymoon or special occasion! You can read the blog post that I wrote about our stay here.

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