A day driving around Nusa Ceningan

IMG_7986On our first full day on Nusa Lembongan we decided to rent a moped and see some of the sights…our first stop was to be Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Ceningan is an island right next to Lembongan and is actually connected to Lembongan via a small yellow bridge.

IMG_7963After our breakfast we headed out, on our way to Nusa Cenningan we found a little restaurant with the most incredible view. We could have sat there forever just taking in the views.

IMG_7946 IMG_7951Afterwards it was time to cross the yellow bridge.

The roads on Ceningan are pretty bad but it’s pretty safe to drive there as the locals are used to all of the tourists on their bikes. Our first stop was at a random little hotel. They had a beautiful view of the cliffs around Ceningan and we relaxed there with a bottle of water watching the surfers nearby.

IMG_7975 IMG_7966

IMG_7980 IMG_7984Afterwards we headed further in to the island to find our next stop…secret beach,  next to Villa Trevally. We were initially going to book in to this resort but decided to was too far away.

IMG_7986 IMG_7993Once we arrived we had a tiny bit of regret because the beach is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately the currents and waves were pretty strong so we didn’t dare go in any deeper than our knees but it was nice being the only people on the beach.

IMG_7989Afterwards we wanted to go to see the Blue Lagoon. This is famous for people that want to cliff jump in the area. It was a pretty bumpy road to get there but it was worth it when we did arrive. Once again, like most places, we were the only people there (travelling during the rainy season really has its benefits!) Clouds were starting to roll in and the jumping was closed for the day because the sea was pretty rough (not that I’d do it anyway). But it was a beautiful area all the same.

IMG_7995IMG_7999We had planned on visiting a couple of other beaches that day and driving through the jungle but the clouds were getting darker by the second so we decided that it would probably be best to head back. We got back to our room just in time to watch the afternoon shower and be thankful that we weren’t stuck in it.

We also couldn’t believe that we managed to get so much done before lunch time, we were back in our room before 2!

Nusa Ceningan is such a beautiful island and if you do make it to Lembongan I’d definitely recommend renting a bike and making the drive over to it.


Renting a bike: We rented our bike from our guesthouse (nearly all guesthouses have bikes for rent.) They were really great and when we wanted to fill it up, one of the workers took it for us instead because it would be cheaper. He didn’t even charge us for the petrol! I think it cost about $8 a day to rent.

Where we stayed: We stayed in Cassava bungalows. They are a lovely small complex, with beautiful rooms and a nice swimming pool. The staff are absolutely amazing and so friendly too! You can see their trip advisor reviews here.


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