Singapore with my niece!

imageI can’t believe that it was over two weeks ago now since we arrived in Singapore!

Just to update you all, even though myself and Jason got married back in August, we didn’t have time to have a honeymoon so decided to have a belated one in February (it just happened to be my 30th too)
We decided to go to Bali for our honeymoon but with my niece after recently moving to Singapore we decided it was the perfect stopover before Bali.IMG_7791

Now, before I go any further I guess I should mention that my niece is actually only a year younger than me.

Both myself and Jason were so excited to catch up with Sarah and see what her life is like in Singapore, meet her boyfriend Peter, see the city and of course, try the food!

On our first night we got insanely jealous when they showed us their apartment complex (complete with two pools and a gym) but the best part…was their private rooftop terrace with a hot tub and a barbecue. We enjoyed a couple of drinks in a local pub and then drank some more on the rooftop. It was the perfect introduction to Singapore.





The next day we got a taxi to the downtown area and caught our first glimpse of the Marina Bay Sands.IMG_7663

The city is just as beautiful and clean as people say and the architecture is so beautiful.

The Durian is the national fruit, so they built this building to replicate it. My favorite building in Singapore!


But I think that the thing I loved the most about Singapore was the fact that it’s so multicultural. It blew our mind just how many different people were living in Singapore. Different religions and races but all living together in harmony. Sarah told us that only about 20% of the population is Singaporean. This shocked us, especially compared to Korea which has such a low level of foreigners and expats.

The next day was our tourist day. Peter had to go to Jakarta for business but his mom was visiting so we spent the day with her and Sarah doing all of the touristy things. It started off with an incredible cheesy Duck Tour.IMG_7733 IMG_7737

Then it was time to go on the Singapore Flyer. (Which was great!)IMG_7794 IMG_7768 IMG_7788

And then it was time for the Gardens by The Bay. This was a wonderful experience and I’d definitely recommend a visit there if you have the chance! You could spend all day there and still not see it all.IMG_7825 IMG_7818 IMG_7835 IMG_7845

As the sun was nearly setting we decided to go to a brewery that Sarahs friend had told us about. When we arrived we were all in awe with the incredible view from there. It’s called Level 33 because, yep you guessed it, it’s on the 33rd floor. Sarah even surprised us with an early birthday dessert plate!IMG_7857




As you can see, the views were just out of this world! (the food was awesome too!) I even got to have a Singapore Sling (or as we’ve been calling them, a slingapore)


On our final day in Singapore we decided to head to Chinatown and see the preparations for Chinese New Year (we’d be missing it by a couple of days) As you can imagine there were goats everywhere since this is indeed the year of the goat.IMG_7795 IMG_7892 IMG_7885

The architecture in this area was so beautiful and we had a great morning buying some souvenirs.

Before we knew it, our time was up and it was time to get on the plane for our honeymoon in BALI!

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