ESL- My favorite reading game

This is an activity that I have used so many times while teaching reading. It is so fun, can be used with all levels and there is very little prep.

You will need six papers with the key words or phrases on them. Once you have taught the key phrases(or words) to the students stick the pieces of paper to the board in a long line.

You split the class in to two teams and give each student in the team a number. The students then line up on either side of the board in the order of their numbers.

When you say ready, number 1 of each team begins to read the sentence closest to them. (both students will be reading different sentences) They continue reading the sentences until they both meet in the middle. They play rock, paper, scissors and the loser goes to the back of their line while the winner continues reading sentences. A new person from the losing team comes forward and starts at the beginning. Once they meet they do rock paper scissors and the same process happens. If a person manages to read all of the sentences on the board without losing RPS then they get 1 point for their team.

Here is a video of my 5th grade students playing the game:

The kids absolutely love this game. Something that I really like about it is that because it’s mainly about luck and who wins the RPS the low level kids can do really well. You can almost see their confidence build as the game goes on.

As I said there is relatively no prep, it can be as easy or difficult as you want (kindergarten can do it using pictures) and it’s always a hit!

Just to warn you, this is a pretty exciting game so expect some shouting and screaming in the class.

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