Afternoon tea at the Hyatt


As a Christmas gift to my friend Bianca, I decided to treat her to some afternoon tea in Busan. She is actually leaving Korea next week so it was the perfect time to get a chance to spend some time together alone before having to say farewell.

The Park Hyatt is in a beautiful area in Busan, it is right by the yacht club and only a 15 minute walk from Haeundae beach. The Lounge where tea is served is on the 30th floor and has the most incredible views of both the yacht club and Gwangali bridge.



I got there a bit early so I ordered a coffee while waiting. Once Bianca arrived we ordered our tea and she ordered one more coffee. They told us that we were only allowed one beverage each with the set so I told them that I would pay for the coffees separately.


Once the set arrived we were both very happy with it!

On top were two small scones each.

Then on the middle tray were some amazing savory dishes.

Finally, we got so many sweet treats! Chocolate cake and so many strawberry dishes.



It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon with Bianca. I have to admit though that it didn’t fill either of us up and we both needed to eat again soon after. But for the views alone it was worth it!


The afternoon tea set for 2 costs 60,000w. I would definitely recommend coming here if you want to splash out with a friend.




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