Weekly Food Post- Shabu Shabu


Shabu Shabu is another meal that myself and Jason love to eat.

You can choose between beef, duck or seafood. We usually choose duck but this time around we decided to save a bit of money and get the beef.

So what is shabu shabu?

It is actually a Vietnamese dish but is hugly popular in Korea. It includes so many steps and foods that you can be eating it forever!

The first step is to cut up some of your veggies and put them in to your broth. Then dip your beef in and let the broth cook it, it only takes less than a minute to cook.

Next you put your rice paper in to the bowl of hot water provided to make it soft. Then put it on your plate and add your beef and as many vegetables as you want. Wrap it up, dip it in to one of the sauces, eat it and repeat!





When all of the beef is gone, it’s time for the next stage of your meal…noodle time!

You put your bowl of noodles into the broth and cut them up. When they are cooked you can enjoy them with the broth and the vegetables. It’s so delicious!

The final part of the meal (and my favourite) is the sweet potato, pumpkin rice! When you are finished with the noodles you empty most of the contents of the pot in to the empty bowl that the noodles had been in. You then put your rice, pumpkin, sweet potato and egg in to the pot and let it cook to make a delicious fried rice!

I forgot to take some photos of both the rice and the noodles as I was too busy eating it all! Oops…

I absolutely love Shabu Shabu because it is so fresh and has so many vegetables in it. I also love the fact that you don’t have to choose between noodles and rice…just have both!

This meal cost us 22,000w  ($20/18 euros) between the two of us which is pretty good considering all that you get with it!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Food Post- Shabu Shabu

  1. Thanks for the sweet tutorial. I’ve had Chinese hot pot and various steam boat type meals in Asia but never had this kind. I love the rich broth at the end, especially with noodles. Never had this with rice paper rolls, we usually cook and the put in our bowls and then straight into our mouths.

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    1. haha I’m just glad that my first experience of shab-shabu here in Korea was with another Korean person, otherwise I would have had no idea what to do! Yes the broth is so good! But the pumpkin egg fried rice is the perfect ending to this meal, it tastes like a little bit of heaven in your mouth.


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