Daytrip to Damyang Bamboo Forest

IMG_7516Recently we’ve been on holidays from school so myself, Jason and our friend Ian decided to take a road trip. We were trying to decided where to go as the typical winter destinations are all up north (where the snow falls) which was too far to go just on a day trip.

A couple of months ago I had made a list of all of the places that I’ve wanted to visit before we leave Korea (It’s a loooong list!) After looking through it we decided that most places were best if visited during Spring or Summer except for the Damyang Bamboo Forest.


Damyang is a small city in the East coast province of Jeollanam-do. It took us about three hours to get there. When we were nearly there Jason had realized that about halfway through he had gotten out to take off his coat and he had left his wallet on the roof! We all thought this was the day ruined but by some miracle the wallet had actually gotten stuck on the spoiler and was sitting there when we looked!

Once we arrived we spent a short time at the Bamboo museum (we didn’t go inside). In the back of the museum there is a small bamboo forest (we had a fear that it may have been what we had come to see, luckily it wasn’t!)IMG_7511

Enjoying the playground at the museum (a bamboo see-saw)


A beautiful pond in the back area of the museum.


Afterwards we headed to the actual bamboo forest and had a delicious lunch before venturing in.

So many sides!!!!
Our main food; delicious marinated pork!


Korea can be quite strange when it comes to dogs. They weren’t too happy about Willy going in to the forest (leashed up!) and made us promise that we would keep him in our arms for the entire time. Of course we didn’t but we kept him on a tight leash. (it is a forest after all!)

My sweet little family.



Unfortunately while we were eating our delicious lunch the sun went away and it became quite cloudy. But it was a beautiful forest even if it was impossible to get a good photo! There were quite a few paths to take so we managed to get away from the crowds.

IMG_7607 IMG_7611 IMG_7612


After visiting the forest we took a walk along the river nearby. For some reason it felt like I was walking by the river near my home in Ireland. Maybe it was the gloomy weather or how quiet and peaceful it was but it was a nice feeling.


We were all wrecked after our day and we still had the three hour drive home to do so we decided to go home. After leaving we noticed an area that had some restaurants and coffee shops and decided to grab a coffee before leaving. Luckily for us it was actually the area where the Metasequoia Road is.

Metasequoia Road is a road that has been used in many Korean movies and dramas. It is a beautiful path that has Metasequoia trees for as far as the eye can see. Even though they were bare at this time of the year it was still beautiful! I can’t imagine how beautiful it is during Summer or Autumn.


After our brief detour to Metasequoia Road it was finally time to go home.

Damyang is a beautiful area that definitely has a lot of things for people to do. If you plan on making a weekend trip out of it then I would reccommend adding the Boseong green tea fields also as they are only about an hours drive away.

Here are some more photos from our time in Damyang:

IMG_7622IMG_7638 IMG_7643 IMG_7660



5 thoughts on “Daytrip to Damyang Bamboo Forest

    1. Yes, he is ridiculously cute! He’s our baby. haha
      The food was so good! Apparently this city was famous for dakgalbi but we didn’t know so we got something else for lunch. It was still pretty good though!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Damyang is so beautiful! Unfortunately we didn’t get to taste the green tea ice cream cone…I think it was too cold to even consider it! haha
      But I love ice cream so that’ll give us a reason to go back!

      Liked by 1 person

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