Weekly Food Post- Dakgalbi

Ah Dak galbi…it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Myself and my friends are obsessed with this food and every time one of us leaves Korea it’s the first place we go when we return!

20150124_211654Saturday night our friend Ane arrived back after going home to South Africa for a month, so it was just natural that we would celebrate her being back with some delicious dak galbi.

What is dak galbi?

It is a wonderful mixture of chicken, cabbage, sweet potato, onions, tteok (rice cake) and cheese tteok (the tteok stuffed with cheese) all mixed together with a delicious gochujang sauce (chill pepper paste)

20150124_213020It all comes out on a huge pan and the server cooks it for you while you have to just wait patiently (or more often than not, quite impatiently) for the chicken to cook through.

The sides: Of course with nearly all Korean dishes you’ll get a side of kimchi. This particular Dak galbi restaurant serves the kimchi in the form of a cold kimchi soup. Some of my friends love it, I think it’s okay. 20150124_211726


The next side is some leaves to put your dak galbi in to. Our meal also came with some green peppers and carrots and some ssamjang sauce to dip them in to. We also got some raw garlic. you can put them in to the dish or eat them raw with your leaf and dak galbi.


Ssamgjang and raw garlic

Dak galbi is such a delicious meal. It’s the perfect amount of spice and it always gets us all full! If you are still hungry afterwards (we rarely are) then you can order some rice that they fry in the same pan with some seaweed. You can also get some noodles that they fry for you too.


As with most of the other places that we eat at, the price isn’t bad at all. It usually costs about 10,000w per person (more if we get some drinks) ($9/8 euro)


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