A couple of days in Seattle

The beautiful Seattle skyline.

Seattle is an awesome city! I’m lucky enough that my husband is from Washington State so I got to visit Seattle while visiting his family. I must admit that I wasn’t very excited about seeing Seattle. It’s not usually mentioned as much as the other big cities in the US (New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco) and when it is talked about the “rain” word usually makes an appearance.

Being from Ireland I wasn’t too excited about visiting the American version of our weather, I had had 25 years of rain and I think that’s enough!

But as luck would have it, it never rained while we were there and we had an amazing time! If it wasn’t for the weather (and the cost of living) I’d live there in a shot!

We visited just after Christmas so the city was alight with beautiful Christmas lights and there was a crisp chill in the air. We are usually used to slumming it and were expecting to stay in a hostel but luckily Jasons sister Amber had booked a beautiful room in the Sheraton for us as a Christmas present. It was amazing we were right in the center of everything. She even gave us vouchers for different restaurants so that we had a place to eat dinner every night.

The view from our room.


We spent a couple of days in Seattle and managed to fit in as much as possible in those days! On our first day we looked out our window and were pleasantly surprised by sunny blue skies. We decided that it would be the perfect time to visit the famous Space Needle. We got the light rail over there and once we got to the top I was mesmerized by the beautiful views! Unfortunately it was unbelievably windy outside so as you can see from the photo it was tough to even open your eyes outside.

Myself and Jason on the light rail.
It was so windy, but worth it for that view!
The Space Needle.
Beautiful Seattle.


After visiting the space Needle we decided to visit the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum which is situated right next to the space needle. Washington is a state that has produced some amazing talent over the years and this museum celebrates the music from the area. It had a lot of Nirvana memorabilia including their first demo tape. We spent a couple of hours wandering around the museum and found out some interesting facts. Jason especially loved the EMP because he’s a big fan of Nirvana, he found it enthralling learning all about them.

Jason inside the EMP.
A ticket from Nirvanas last ever concert.


That evening we visited the Aquarium which was okay but nothing too spectacular. I think there are probably other ways to spend your time in Seattle but it was a fun couple of hours all the same. The view from that area of the city was incredible though.

This is the view from the Aquariumโ€ฆamazing!


We had a great first day in Seattle and were excited for day 2 when we would be doing an underground tour of what Seattle used to be like in the old days!



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