My first dog cafe!

Yesterday myself and Jason decided to go to Yulha (a beautiful neighbourhood in Gimhae). They have this one area along a river that is just full of cafes and restaurants. When we arrived I saw a new place that had paw prints on it. I may have squealed in excitement at the thought ofย it being a dog cafe. I ran straight over and found that it was!

20150124_135203What is a dog cafe you may ask?

imageWell they are a huge craze both here in Korea and in Japan. They are basically cafes where you can order drinks and have some fun with the pups. Some places allow you to bring your own dog in too. They became so popular here because most people live in apartments so they feel like they can’t own a pet and this is a way for them to interact with animals. I’ve been to a cat cafe before but never to a dog one.

imageOnce we got inside we ordered some drinks. Drinks are usually more expensive in these cafes than in others because you are paying for the experience as a whole ( my cafe latte was 7,000w)

We were pleasantly surprised to see not just small dogs but also a german shepherd, a golden retriever puppy, a chow and other breeds too. We also found out that we can bring Willy here with us next time. For the most part the dogs seemed happy. One dog (a Sharpee) looked a bit underweight but all seemed well looked afterย and the owner had them trained very well (although the German Shepherd took a nip at Jasons balls)

imageimageI may have fallen in love with the retriever puppy!image

imageBecause most people here in Korea own small dogs they are very fearful to let Willy interact with their dogs (many people pick their dogs up when they see Willy, or cross the street) So we are hopeful that this will be a fun way to get Willy socialized with different sized dogs before moving to America.


Speaking of America, I have read that there are now some dog cafes opening up over there! The best part is that the cafes take in shelter animals and the customers can adopt the dogs if they feel a bond with them! How amazing is that?!
Here are a few more photos from the dog cafe…



These two were just so cute!!













7 thoughts on “My first dog cafe!

    1. I know! So many Koreans are fearful of dogs so this is a great way to help them overcome that fear. I’ve been wanting to go to a dog cafe for years and never did. Now that I know where one is there’ll be no stopping me!

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      1. Aw, no way! Dogs are so adorable! I’m so jealous you can visit whenever you feel like it!

        So lovely that you’re documenting your travels by the way, must be so awesome to look back on later! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Dog cafes are so much fun! There is a huge outdoor dog cafe with grass field and all here in Daejeon and that’s where I take my babes. One of mine is a huge black Korean sheep dog and really I have no place to take him but dog cafes :S

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds like so much fun! We are actually going to bring our dog to the cafe today. I can’t wait to see his reaction! He’s a cocker and not used to dogs that are the same size or bigger than him.

      Liked by 1 person

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