Weekly Food Post!- Samgyetang

This weeks food is the Korean dish Samgyetang. It is basically a chicken stew cooked nice and slowly so that the meat just falls off of the bone.


Luckily for us we have a samgyetang restaurant just a 5 minute walk away from our apartment. My old co-teacher introduced me to it about a month ago when I went there with her family and I love it! It’s a beautiful restaurant where all of the female servers wear the traditional Hanbok dress. I tried to take a photo but they were too embarrassed.

The restaurant served some traditional hot water in a beautiful teapot and also a traditional Korean spirit of some kind.



So, as with nearly all Korean foods your meal comes with side dishes.

The first of which is of course kimchi. Kimchi is eaten at nearly every meal in Korea and is a point of pride among many. There are over 100 different types of kimchi! I didn’t like it when I first came to Korea but now I love it. I’m not the biggest fan of this type of kimchi that we were served today though.


The next side dish is cucumbers. They were served with some sesame seeds and pepper drizzled over them. They were pretty good, they even had to give us a second serving of them!


We also got some green peppers. Also a very common side dish here in Korea. You can dip them in the ssamjang. Unfortunately I had a bad experience with one of these peppers at the school cafeteria one day (I got a really spicy one!) So I tend to stay away from them. Also in this photo are some bean sprouts and the same cucumber dish from above.


The final side dish was beautiful. It had two rice cakes on it as well as some kind of dried fruit which we couldn’t quite figure out what it was.




But now on to the main dish…the samgyetang!

It is a very simple dish with not a lot of spices or flavors. It comes with a small dish of salt which you can sprinkle on while you eat. The portions were pretty big, we each got a small whole chicken which was so tender. Then inside the chicken was a big chunk of rice which went perfectly with the stew. There were also some chestnuts, ginseng, red pepper and onion in it.

20150113_114715 20150113_114842



This was Jasons first time at this restaurant so what was his verdict?


He loved it! It was perfect for our lunch, we didn’t feel too full or bloated afterwards. The only thing that he didn’t like was that it was a little more expensive than the other places that we normally eat out at. This entire meal cost us about 30,000w between the two of us. (23 euros, $28) Still not bad for a great lunch!

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